Folders Management

Coping with ever increasing amounts of information represents a considerable effort for companies – from review and filing, to provision of relevant information to authorized employees in the right context.

SAP® Folders Management gives you quick access to business transactions and records. No matter where the information originates. Whether electronic forms, e-mails or data from SAP systems: All information can be merged to a folder and the further processing may be tracked by workflow. We take care of the implementation of the folder and the integration in your communication and filing systems.

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Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management

Ever larger amounts of enterprise data not only increase the cost of hardware and system administration – they even make it difficult to migrate to newer versions. At the same time there is an increase in runtime for backup and recovery of data, not to mention the ever-increasing response times during operation. There are so many good reasons to think about a suitable archiving concept.

Data archiving is more than storing corporate data. It may even become very complex, e.g. when legal policies regarding data retention and access must be respected.

Another aspect, particularly in larger SAP landscapes, is the closure of complete SAP systems while retaining all the necessary auditing and reporting capabilities. SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management offers a holistic approach to manage the lifecycle of your documents. Configurable retention rules allow a document-specific adaptation of the archiving duration according to the respective company policies or laws.